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What is Reefer Truck Insurance

Refrigerated trucks are a large capital investment for any company. These trucks generate great returns however, since they enable your company to offer chilled goods and cargo regularly, over vast distances. Refrigerated trucks may be used by meat packing plants, retail food warehouses and even catering companies or bakeries in smaller forms.

Given the perishable nature of the commodities being transported and the specialized refrigeration equipment required in trucks to avoid food deterioration, companies that specialize in refrigerated products transportation have specific hurdles in obtaining insurance coverage. In addition to perishable commodities, Reefer Truck Insurance coverage also includes dairy products, fish and other perishable items. An essential part of a complete reefer truck insurance policy is full coverage of refrigerated cargo since this is one of the few cargo classes that might possibly deteriorate during transit. Specialty refrigerated trailer insurance may be required by companies that specialize in the transportation of chilled products.

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If you’re a trucking company that specializes in transporting perishable products, Coast Transport has the knowledge and expertise to help you through the particular insurance problems you face. Commercial truck insurance rates are among the most competitive in the market since we have access some of the top insurance carriers.

There are typically large coverage gaps in refrigerated goods transit insurance plans that exclude or restrict coverage for “high-risk” commodities (seafood, for example). In order to have a complete reefer truck insurance policy, the following coverages should be included: cargo and physical damage.

Reefer Breakdown – Coverage is provided for cargo loss due to a temperature control system failure or malfunction.

Loading & Unloading – provides coverage for the commodity while it is being loaded or unloaded.

Debris Removal – provides coverage for reasonable and necessary costs to remove debris caused by and resulting from a covered loss.

Broadened Pollution – provides coverage for the discharge of pollutants which are in, upon, owned, being transported by, loaded or unloaded from a covered auto.

Earned Freight – replaces income lost when a load cannot be delivered due to a covered cargo loss.

Sue and Labor – covers costs related to preventing further loss to damaged cargo. Also known as loss mitigation.

Collision and Comprehensive – to protect your tractor, trailer and the refrigerated unit for collision, fire, theft, vandalism and other causes of loss.

Towing and Storage – provides coverage for expenses related to towing and storage of a damaged equipment.

Combined Deductibles – In the case of a loss involving both physical damage and cargo, this coverage lets you to pay a single deductible. Covers the reasonable and necessary costs of clearing debris caused by and resulting from a covered loss. 

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We can customize a reefer truck insurance plan to meet your specific requirements, from liability just to start you on the road to complete coverage.

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We can tailor a reefer truck insurance plan to your individual needs, from liability just to get you on the road to full coverage.

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We can assist you in putting up an economical reefer truck insurance plan. We write commercial auto insurance in the states listed below.

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